Collection: GOYARD

Goyard is the oldest leather goods maker still in business today. It is the continuation of a malletier founded in 1792 by Pierre-Francois Martin. The Goyard brand history predates even the name Goyard, as the original company was named “House of Martin.” Specializing in crafting luxury trunks, boxes, and luggage, Martin enjoyed success and close ties with French nobility. As his business grew, he moved his headquarters from 4 rue de Neuve des Capucines (coincidentally the same address Louis Vuitton would move into in 1854) to 347 rue Saint-Honoré. This location was later renumbered to 233 rue Saint-Honoré and has remained the Goyard flagship store to this day.

The House of Martin attracted the finest trunk-making artisans for generations. Francois Goyard began an apprenticeship with the atelier in 1845 and received extensive training from Martin and Louis-Henri Morel, who was the head of the company at the time. When Morel passed away in 1852, Goyard succeeded him and renamed the company “House of Goyard.” He exerted maximum control over every manufacturing process to ensure only the finest work would bear the Goyard name. This dedication to extraordinary quality became a hallmark of Goyard history and continues to this day.

Francois Goyard built his company into the premier malletier to the French aristocracy over his 32 years of stewardship. His son, Edmond Goyard, took the company international, gaining a worldwide reputation for exacting standards and superb craftsmanship.